About Us

2015 Officers

President:               Jim Edgel    

Vice President:         George Souders 

Secretary:               Michele Edgel

Treasurer:              Tom McCall

Chaplain:               Laurence (Doc) Johns

2015 Board of Directors

First Year:

Second Year:

Third Year:

Song Leader:         Thomas McCall

Past President:       Jim Edgel

Business & Professions:    Chair: Jenny Coleman

                                       Members :    

2016 Officers

President:                  George Souders

Vice President:            Chris Foster

Secretary:                  Jason Sullivan

Treasurer:                 Jenny Coleman

Chaplain:                  Laurence (Doc) Johns

2016 Board of Directors

First Year:                Bill Cross

Second Year:             Jim Doyle

Third Year:               Bruce Melton

Song Leader:            Thomas McCall

Sergeant-at-arms:       Harold Seilhamer

Past President:          Jim Edgel

Membership Inquiry

Ground, Equipment,        Chair: Gene Keadle

& Services:                    Members: George Souders, James Edgel

​Environment:                   Co-Chairs: Gene Beadle, Tom McCall, 

                                      Members: George Souders, Chris Foster, Jake Green

 Leitersburg Ruritan Club

Citizenship & Patriotism:  Chair: Jim Doyle

                                       Members: Kay McCall

Social Development:        Chair: Bruce Barr

                                      Members: Bill Cross, Kenneth Rippon